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The cost of higher education:
Will tuition increases in California reflect on Washburn?

Higher education institutions in California are facing significant tuition increases, leaving other universities left wondering if the same thing will happen to them.

Facebook policy is nonexistent at WU

Some students are under the impression that there is a Facebook policy on campus.

News to all of those students: there isn't. So how can a student get in trouble for the things that they are posting on their Web page? If there isn't a policy, students can put up whatever they want for the whole world to see. Right?

Young journalists affected by budget cuts

The world continues to advance in technology, and it is no different for high school journalism programs.

Campus lacks solid culture, traditions

Throwing tore up newspaper in the air during player introductions, the twelfth man, singing the fight song to fans after the game and midnight madness all across the country bring students together through athletics.