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Athletics trying to avoid budget cuts

With budget cuts coming for numerous departments around campus in the fall semester, some students may be directly affected. The athletic department is trying to make sure that doesn't happen to their student-athletes. 

Student-athletes seek ease for WTE

With little free time in their schedules, many student-athletes are finding it hard to complete the Washburn Transformational Experience.

Blues boast eight new members:
Five transfers supply WU with added depth and experience on hardwood

Every new season a team faces challenges. This year is no different for the Lady Blues basketball team as they introduce eight new players to begin the season.

To add to this challenge, coach Ron McHenry is implementing a new offense, an offense the entire team will have to learn together. As the team works on its new offense, it will also have to work on team chemistry.

Cheerleading team holding weekend tryouts

Lots of sports teams go through rebuilding years in attempts to be the best team they can be, and it is no different for the Washburn Cheer Squad.